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ANDREW's Gear Recommendations

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

This is a great camera for content creation. Takes great photos and shoots in 4k. When I bought this camera, it was $2,000. I have the GH4 that came before this, and the GH5s that came right after. You can't miss with this one!

This is the main lens I use for the GH5. It's micro four-thirds, so no adapter is needed. Great stabilization, incredibly sharp and covers a great focal range. This would be for wide shots through interview shots. 

The mic I use for content creation. If the mic has to be in the shot, I want one that looks cool. This one looks and sounds great! Use the included stand, or get an articulating mic stand.

A great Sony camera for a great price. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for content creation, this comes with everything you need to get going right away!

This little light will fill in the shadows on your face for all your Zoom calls and web-based content creation. A budget option to combat harsh overhead lighting in your home office. Take with you anywhere! Very versatile!

This wireless mic will couple with your cell phone and bring professional sound to your filming. It's very important to have your mic close to the talent. Samson is a great brand and it will take your filming to the next level.


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This mic will couple with your cell phone, and bring great sound with you anywhere. You may need the Rode SC6-L to make this work with your phone!

This extension cable will extend the distance you can be from the Rode Smartlav. If you are filming with your phone and want to be 10-15 feet away from the talent, this cable extension will do just that!

This is a great way to advance your PowerPoint slides without holding a clicker in your hands. You will need two of these if you want to be able to go backward and forward a slide. Combine this with a teleprompter and you are all set!

I use this light to change the color of the wall behind the talent to a blue or magenta glow (or any color!) It makes your background much more varied and versatile, and it's about the size of an iphone.

If you want to sound like you are broadcasting from a radio station, get this mic and the preamp and accessory kit.

This completes the Shure SM7B package. Sounds like heaven.

Re-usable zip ties! These will hold all your cables in place (and they are releasable!) no more cutting and tossing zip ties.

Just get some and you'll thank me later.

Just get one of these! It modifies any light source. (Sunlight, video lights, household lamps, etc.) Easy to take with you on trips, this reflector set will pack into your suitcase and save your shoot in almost any light. A must have for sunset filming.

This great stand will hold your iPhone or iPad for Zoom calls or recipes. It's a very flexible holder and I have recommended this to several people!

If needed, you can put in on books to raise it up.

The newest Sony camera. (released 6/11/20) 4k, great for vlogging or take on vacation! Loaded with features and cool new tech.

A must have for live streaming! Easy to program/trigger all your live stream events. Simply assign a video, image or sound to play from each button! Or add a graphic over your live video feed. Buttons can also be folders, so it's really unlimited.

An amazing sounding microphone for content creation. If you like the look of a dynamic microphone, this is a great choice. (in other words, it will have to be close enough to be in the shot)


Learn how to use all of this gear in our online Home Studio Course.

Start your course today and be recording within a week!

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